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years of experience

We at Forbidden Ambrosia do everything to the highest standards!

It doesn't matter which one of our services you may need we will make sure it will be better than your expectations!

We encourage people to dare to dream big! In our aspect everything  is possible and nothing is impossible (or at least almost nothing) to achieve. 

We make sure whoever is working with us has the right attitude and willingness to do the extra mile to give our clients the best experiences! In return, we make sure that our staff members are being treated and paid well enough for their hard work & efforts.

Our founders have been working in all aspects of the industry all across the world and have managed to learn from well-respected industry leading individuals.

From Michelin Stars Chefs to World Champion Flair Bartenders, we have had the luck to get to know their work secrets in order to make the most out of our workflow so we can provide a service like no one else does! We aren't just another event company or a recruitment agency. We are Forbidden Ambrosia the company that will change your thoughts about our industry regardless if you are a client of ours or a team member!

If you feel like you want to challenge us, just give us a call or slide your message to our inbox. We are always looking forward to the next project! 

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